jueves, enero 03, 2008

Reflexión de Año Nuevo

"El reggaetón es una porquería tan asquerosamente abominable y pestilente, que la cumbia a su lado se oye digna y noble (aunque sigue siendo basura)."

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7 comentarios:

jocho dijo...


feliz año nuevo

MaTT dijo...

Gracias, Feliz Caño Nuevo te desea Sedapal.


X-[ dijo...

ja ja....... por donde vivo ahora ya no se olle el reggaeton pero si el nortenio, narco corridos, banda, regional mexicano Y TODA ESA MIERDA q es igual d mala al reggaeton

Anónimo dijo...

da clases de ortografia por Dios!!.


Pinga dijo...

Dear Veronica,
I'm writing you publicly on this blog because I think our relationship has run its course. Do you realize that you're a total loser? You've changed too much since we met, and I don't like it. I know you'll probably tell everyone that you dumped me, because you're a liar. But everyone knows that already, so they won't believe you. You couldn't even pass your exams without cheating; I should have known you'd cheat on me too, asshole. Maybe part of the problem is that you drink sooo much. You can't actually call gin-flakes or beerios breakfast. The wise Righteous Brothers wrote a song called "You've lost that lovin' feeling." You might want to listen to it a few times, because I've lost that loving feeling.

Sorry, but you're not even worth keeping as a friend. I never want to see you again, jerkface! Stay away from me or I'll beat you with a frozen salmon and a big dick. I think you get the idea: this relationship is over.


X-[ dijo...

another smart ass.... or maybe the sameone, go teach ortographia to your mama

ps: who da hell is that lucky veronica?

MaTT dijo...

Carol: No creo que haya algo tan malo como el reggaeton.

Henn: DAMN.

Pinga: Original tu nombre.

Carol: LOL... no sé.